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Toggle comment on single line
cmd + alt + .
Close HTML element
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cmd + s
Save current Bin
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Clone current Bin
Indents selected lines
shift + tab
Unindents selected lines


When I change the url to a different JS Bin, it still has the old code

Click the revert button and it will reload the code from the database based on the url you requested.

Can I run a Gist in JS Bin?

Funny you ask! Absolutely you can - just save the gist in Github, and either using the gist to JS Bin bookmarklet, or change the url from to

I didn't insert the JavaScript and it still runs

When you tab to the output panel, JS Bin automatically inserts your JavaScript on the fly, so you don’t need to worry about it.

I need my JavaScript inserted in a specific position

Either insert the JavaScript directly in to the HTML panel, or you can use the special %code% command. Add <script>%code%</script> to your HTML and the contents of the JavaScript panel will be inserted at that point.

How do I re-run or re-render the code

Just click the ‘Preview’ button, and your entire code will re-run.

Can JS Bin respond to Ajax requests?

Yes. See the Ajax debugging video (in the top of the navigation) for a demo. Or, it’s as simple as removing the HTML output, saving the code, then requesting the URL via a new snippet. JS Bin will respond to Ajax requests appropriately.


I’m afraid not, but the application is open source, so if you think you can get it working - please go ahead:

My question isn’t answered

Feel free to get in touch and if appropriate I’ll add it to the FAQ.