HTTP Live Streaming

This test checks if browsers/devices support HLS or fallback correctly.

BrowsercanPlayTypeSource playing
Firefox 20-WebM
Chrome 26-WebM
Safari 6maybeHLS stream
Internet Explorer 9-MP4
Internet Explorer 10-MP4
Opera 12-WebM
iOS 4 (iPhone)maybeHLS stream
iOS 5 (iPad)maybeHLS stream
iOS 6 (iPad)maybeHLS stream
Android 2.2 (HTC Legend)-MP4
Android 2.3 (HTC Desire)-MP4
Android 4.0 (Galaxy S2)maybeHLS stream 1
Android 4.1 (Nexus 7)-WebM
WinPho 7.5 (HTC Radar)-MP4
  1. No switching happens; the device sticks with the first stream in the manifest.

See the Pantos draft for more info on HLS and its mimetype, application/

Test Tag

Our test loads this HLS stream, which is 30 minutes. There's two additional sources, in WebM and MP4. They are 10 seconds in length. The value of the canPlayType() query is: