is not a to-do list, it's a done list. You don't enter tasks you need to manage but the ones you have accomplished on a daily basis. The goal is to boost your motivation by showing you how many small and large tasks you handle each day.

Start typing to enter a new completed task and press RETURN to add it to the list. Once you entered tasks on at least two days, you can use , and . to switch between them. To remove an item from the list click it and select Delete.

You may also use a very simple formatting syntax to write *strong* or _emphasized_ text. URLs and email addresses are converted to links automatically.

Created by Michael Hüneburg

    Done ✓ helps you to shift your focus to what you've accomplished each day and boost your motivation.

    Looking at long to-do lists can be very demotivating, letting you easily forget all the tasks you already managed. Especially smaller ones, like grocery shopping.

    Just start typing to enter a task you've completed today. Done ✓ keeps track of them for 14 days.